Annual Reports

What have we been up to?

Each year, AAVS publishes an Annual Report to let our members, and the public, know how we’ve been spending our time (and money) to end the use of animals in science.   Please click below to view recent reports.

2012 Annual Report

In 2012, AAVS contributed its unique expertise and leadership in advocacy, mobilizing tens of thousands of dedicated members and supporters every month on timely issues, with excellent results. Given our salient arguments opposing chimpanzee research and encouraging their retirement, celebration was in order when the National Institutes of Health announced it would send over 100 chimpanzees from a notorious lab to a sanctuary. And at year’s end, only six random source Class B dealers were still operating.

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2011 Annual Report

In 2011, AAVS published an in-depth report, Primates By The Numbers, focused on how scientific and biomedical research negatively impacts the lives of non-human primates. Also this year, AAVS had a significant presence at the 8th World Congress on Alternatives, held in Montreal, Canada. The Leaping Bunny Program further expanded its list of certified companies, while AAVS continued campaigns to curtail genetic engineering of animals and selling of animals by Class B dealers.

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2010 Annual Report

In fulfilling our mission to end animal use in science, AAVS conducts multiple, ongoing campaigns exposing specific problems with animal research and proposing policy solutions. Two of the more prominent issues focused upon in 2010 were the sale of former pets to research and genetic engineering of animals.

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2009 Annual Report

The Annual Report offers an opportunity to review our accomplishments from the year prior and to thank our members and supporters for making it all possible. We hope that you are proud of what your contributions support and that you are inspired to stay involved. I’d like to highlight four notable areas of achievement from 2009: Dying to Learn: Exposing the supply and use of dogs and cats in higher education; Pound Seizure and Class B Dealers; Leaping Bunny; AV Magazine.

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