Activate for Animals – August 2017

Help Animals Support the Humane Cosmetic Act Everyone wants to know that the cosmetic, personal care, and household products they use are cruelty-free. One way to be certain that the products you use are free of animal testing is to … Continue reading

Activate for Animals – July 2017

Support the PUPPERS Act The PUPPERS Act (Preventing Unkind and Painful Procedures and Experiments on Respected Species Act), H.R. 3197, was introduced in the House of Representatives on July 12, following media reports uncovering invasive research on dogs at hospitals … Continue reading

Activate for Animals – June 2017

Support Needed for Humane Cosmetics   In the U.S., thousands of animals, like mice, rabbits, and guinea pigs, are still used to test cosmetic and personal care products, despite the fact that humane testing methods are available and widely accepted. … Continue reading

Activate for Animals – May 2017

End Use of Animals in Combat Training The U.S. military uses more than 8,500 live animals annually to train its medical personnel on how to treat combat trauma injuries, according to the Battlefield Excellence Through Superior Training (BEST) Practices Act. … Continue reading

Activate for Animals – April 2017

World Week for Animals in Laboratories A lot of people don’t realize that animals are harmed in research, testing, and education. World Week for Animals in Labs is the perfect time to educate others about this unnecessary animal suffering. To … Continue reading

Activate for Animals – March 2017

Keep Our Pets Safe Random source Class B dealers earned their notorious reputation. They have made money by selling former pet dogs and cats from pounds and shelters to research facilities so the animals can be used in experiments. However, … Continue reading

Activate for Animals – February 2017

You Have the Right to Know On February 3, USDA blocked access to information about legal cases alleging severe animal cruelty and neglect and shut down its online database that houses thousands of searchable records documenting the care and treatment … Continue reading

Activate for Animals – January 2017

AWA for All Animals Not all animals used in research are protected by the law. While the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) was created to set minimal standards of care and treatment for animals used in experiments, it specifically excludes those … Continue reading

Activate for Animals – December 2016

Synthetic Cadaver Dogs Used to Train Vet Students Veterinary students at the University of Florida are using life-like dog cadavers to develop their surgical skills. The synthetic cadavers are made of water, fiber, and salts and have working respiratory and … Continue reading

Activate for Animals – November 2016

With Best Wishes for Happy Holidays, All of us at the American Anti-Vivisection Society 20 Years of Cruelty-Free Guarantee The Leaping Bunny Program is the top-rated cruelty-free certification available for companies that don’t test their products on animals. Administered by … Continue reading