Activate for Animals | May 2018

Proposal to relax rules puts animal welfare at risk


Activate for Animals

Deadline to submit comments is June 12!

The 21st Century Cures Act directs NIH to find ways to reduce the so-called “regulatory administrative burden” for those who conduct animal experiments, “while” maintaining animal welfare and research integrity. Animal research lobbyists are using this as an opening to reduce oversight and transparency meant to assure compliance with the Animal Welfare Act. This would jeopardize the welfare of tens of thousands of animals at research facilities across the country.

Protecting animal welfare should never be considered a burden. It’s the right thing to do!

Yet, pro-animal research industry groups are calling for fewer inspections, more self-policing, and weakened requirements for considering alternatives that can replace the use of animals in experiments, which has been one of the most cited problems in USDA inspections.

The best way for labs to avoid problems with animal welfare oversight is to increase their use of alternative methods. More attention should be paid by federal agencies to further the development of alternatives and non-animal methods of investigation.

As NIH works to harmonize regulations and policies associated with animal research oversight, it must make the welfare of animals a top priority. Tell NIH that as it considers streamlining regulatory requirements, it must also ensure that AWA standards are strengthened, not weakened, and animal welfare is not compromised.



In the News

USDA Says No to Third Party Inspections

Earlier this year, USDA announced that it was considering use of third-parties to assess compliance of licensed and registered facilities with the AWA. AAVS was concerned that these third-parties would be industry groups and that there would be a lack of transparency, so we urged supporters to speak out against such a move. You did, and USDA listened, announcing that it is backing away from this proposal. Thank you to all who took action! READ MORE »

Labs and Announced Inspection

Although for decades USDA has conducted unannounced inspections of laboratory, breeder, and exhibitor facilities, the agency recently stated that it wants to start providing advance notice to certain facilities of upcoming inspections. USDA claims that this will improve cooperation, but clearly, it will also allow time to conceal any possible violations, leaving offenders unaccountable. READ MORE »

All Chimpanzees Deserve Sanctuary

In 2015, NIH announced the retirement of all government owned and supported chimpanzees who were used in research. The animals were to be moved to Chimp Haven, the National Chimpanzee Sanctuary. But while many chimps have already been relocated, about 270 are still waiting at three separate lab facilities. Lab officials claim some shouldn’t be moved, but animal advocates say these chimps should be given the chance to live their remaining days in sanctuary. READ MORE »