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National Bird Day 2018

Today is National Bird Day

Birds are amazing animals. Their colorful feathers, clever personalities, and intricate songs and melodies captivate our attention. But these traits are also coveted commodities that have led to the mistreatment and abuse of millions of animals. National Bird Day was created to increase an understanding and appreciation of birds, and to raise awareness about how birds are exploited, the suffering they are forced to endure, and ways to protect them in labs, captivity, and in the wild.

Do you know:

  • 1,000s suffer in the exotic pet trade
    Parrots are wild animals who need special care and can live to be 80-years-old.
  • Birds are used in research
    Finches are used in neurological research to study communication, while chickens are used to study infectious disease and environmental toxicity.
  • Captive birds have little legal protection
    Birds in labs are not covered by the Animal Welfare Act like other animals in research and USDA relies on local authorities to deal with unlawful bird breeders.

Not everyone is aware of the plight of captive birds and the suffering they face. Please forward this e-mail and share on social media so others can learn, too. National Bird Day is the perfect time to do it. Help birds fly free!

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