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Women's History Month


Dear Friend,

In celebration of Women’s History Month, I want to tell you about a great hero for animals: Caroline Earle White. Considered the mother of the animal rights movement in the U.S., Mrs. White was a force, unyielding in her advocacy for animals. Fueled with this passion, Mrs. White founded AAVS in 1883 to resist efforts by Philadelphia doctors to use stray and stolen dogs in their painful experiments.

Years before AAVS, Mrs. White established the Women’s Branch of the Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (WPSPCA). Not only did White and her female colleagues respond to reports of animal cruelty, they also operated a shelter where homeless dogs and cats could be adopted, and opened a veterinary clinic. The WPSPCA focused on horses as well, because they were often victims of abuse by their owners. Mrs. White led fundraising to install fountains throughout the city, to give working horses some relief from thirst and the summer heat.

I invite you to read more about AAVS founder Caroline Earle White, her leadership in the early animal rights movement, and the inspiration she provides to us every day here at AAVS.

Throughout our 135 years of history, supporters like you continue to help make AAVS’s important work possible, and I thank you!!

For the Animals,

Sue Leary
President, AAVS