Double Down For Chimps!

Double Down For Chimps!

Thanks to our collaborative efforts, government agencies have acknowledged that chimpanzees—our closest relatives in the animal kingdom—should not be subjected to invasive research. And now the chimps formerly used in research desperately need a place other than a lab to call home.

Qualified sanctuaries throughout the U.S. want to take in more residents, but are either full or near capacity, and they need to expand their facilities to make that possible.


AAVS won’t let them down! Our BUILD IT! campaign helps sanctuaries to expand, ensuring that ALL retired chimpanzees have a home. And during this month’s match challenge, your contribution will be doubled!

Here’s why your gift matters

Chimp Haven Profile: Joseph
Throughout 30 years at the Yerkes Primate Research Center, Joseph struggled to develop relationships with other chimpanzees. After retiring to Chimp Haven in 2014, he was introduced to a social group and has been thriving ever since. Joseph has effortlessly bonded with his fellow groupmates, but his best buddy is P.G. They can often be found enjoying warm nights together in their spacious outdoor enclosure.

We are most grateful for all the supporters who have donated over the past two days. If you haven’t yet sent a gift, this is the time to maximize your support with a dollar-for-dollar match! A donation in any amount will help us to reach—and hopefully exceed—our goal of $50,000.


Thank you!

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