Help Henry Reach The Top! – BUILD IT!

Today is the last day of our email campaign to build sanctuary space for chimpanzees from labs.

Last week’s outpouring of support for our BUILD IT! match challenge was amazing! We are close to reaching our goal of raising $25,000. If you have already donated—thank you so much! And if you haven’t—there’s still time to have your gift matched dollar-for-dollar!

Not only will your gift today be doubled, it will be the gift of a new life for animals who have long suffered in labs.

AAVS’s BUILD IT! campaign helps sanctuaries expand in order to accommodate all of the chimpanzees that have thankfully been retired from research. After years spent confined in metal enclosures, these chimps deserve comfy hammocks, sunshine, fresh fruit, and the care that only a qualified sanctuary can provide.

Please help move chimps from laboratories to sanctuaries with a special gift today!

Thank you for all you do to help all animals!


help build sanctuaries for chimps