IL residents – Action Needed

Urge Governor to Support Adoption of Dogs and Cats Used in Research

Dogs and cats used in research in Illinois could have a chance to be adopted if Governor Bruce Rauner signs the Research Animal Retirement Act (SB 1884) into law. Animals used in research, testing, and education are often considered to be ‘research tools’ that can just be euthanized and discarded when they are no longer needed in the lab. However, this bill would require university research facilities that receive public funding to “make reasonable efforts to offer for adoption a dog or cat determined to be suitable for adoption, either through private placement or through an animal adoption organization.”

The Research Animal Retirement Act unanimously passed both chambers of the General Assembly and the bill now sits, waiting for Governor Rauner’s signature.

Help give dogs and cats no longer used in research a new life and a chance to live in a loving home. Ask Governor Rauner to sign the Research Animal Retirement Act into law!