Inspired by Chimps – A Generous Offer

Be a Champion for Chimps!

What a week—and it’s not over yet!

We are grateful to everyone who has donated so generously this week to our BUILD IT! campaign, which AAVS initiated to get chimpanzees out of labs and into sanctuaries. Hard-fought policy changes have made retirement from research a reality, but sanctuaries urgently need to expand their facilities to accommodate all those chimps!

Thanks to a kind AAVS donor, every contribution this week will be matched, so it’s DOUBLED in value. That means that for a limited time, any amount you can give is worth twice as much! It helps more chimpanzees retire and is greatly appreciated.


Here’s why your gift matters-

Chimp Haven Profile: Sarah Anne
Captured as an infant, Sarah spent more than 40 years in research at various institutions and laboratories. But in 2006, she was retired to her forever home, Chimp Haven. There she enjoys the freedom of roaming the spacious forested habitats, or sunbathing on tall structures. A dainty chimp, Sarah is often observed nesting in blankets, and snacking on her favorite fruits: blueberries and grapes.

Through BUILD IT!, AAVS is striving to ensure that ALL retired chimpanzees like Sarah Anne have a safe, satisfying, permanent home. But we’re still short of our goal of $25,000. Can you help?

In the struggle for animal welfare and protection, your contributions as an advocate and donor cannot be underestimated. You are crucial to achieving success and creating a better world for animals.


Thank you!

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