My How They’ve Grown!


valentines day


Love is All Around

In 2013, AAVS established the TLC for Chimps Campaign to provide Total Lifetime Care for seven special youngsters residing at Chimp Haven, the National Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Louisiana.

We share the love every year on Valentine’s Day by presenting Chimp Haven with our annual gift to commemorate the wonderful day when they arrived with their mothers to their forever home.

It has been a joy to see how these special chimpanzees are growing up, and learn about their personalities and social development. Here are some highlights from Chimp Haven’s most recent update:

  • Arden has learned how to use tools, and cares for her younger sister, Carlee
  • Diane likes roughhousing with her peers, and climbing everything
  • Onyx steals food, loves water, and is always up for a tug-of-war challenge
  • Quilla shows tenderness to her caregivers, and loves to play with other young chimps
  • Jimmy loves picking on his group mates and swinging from anything
  • Mason enjoys running and playing, or just hanging around on a tire swing
  • Riley revels in pestering his peers, but cuddles up every night with his mom, Nina

TLC for Chimps is the fulfillment of AAVS’s mission, because we end the use of animals in scientific research when we ensure their safe retirement to sanctuaries. Thanks to your generous support of TLC for Chimps and our Sanctuary Fund, thousands of animals have benefitted-you have helped make their lives better as they find peace after enduring pain and stress in labs.

♥ A little TLC goes a long way. Thank you for your compassion. ♥