Magazine Shines a Light

Check out the latest edition of the AV Magazine! What’s inside: Blowing the whistle on farmed-animal research Hormones and pregnant mares’ urine GE: Spider goats, Popeye pigs Sanctuary for farmed animals …and more! READ IT NOW     Want to … Continue reading

Today is National Bird Day

Birds are a part of our everyday lives. They are our neighbors almost everywhere—the country, city, mountains, and shorelines—and they captivate us with their beautiful colors, intricate songs, and clever personalities. In celebration of our feathered friends, AAVS is re-releasing … Continue reading

Read this, My Fellow Procrastinators!

My fellow procrastinators, If you’re like me, you’re just too busy during the holiday season to sit down and make sure that your charitable donations for the year are what you want them to be. But I sure do appreciate … Continue reading

End the Year with a Good Deed

Every new year brings new challenges, and with your help, AAVS will be ready! We value your commitment to AAVS’s mission, and know that you will help keep us strong. AAVS makes tangible, meaningful contributions to animal welfare and protection, … Continue reading

Look Who’s Happy for AAVS!

We thought you would like to meet some of the animals who benefit from AAVS’s advocacy efforts and programs to achieve meaningful, lasting change… With your help, so many animals benefit from AAVS’s work. Won’t you consider a special year-end … Continue reading

Getting Ready for 2017

We can’t thank you enough for your unwavering commitment to AAVS’s mission. Through your advocacy and generosity, you stand up for innocent animals and defend them against exploitation. You provide hope for a better future to thousands of dogs, cats, … Continue reading

Activate for Animals – December 2016

Synthetic Cadaver Dogs Used to Train Vet Students Veterinary students at the University of Florida are using life-like dog cadavers to develop their surgical skills. The synthetic cadavers are made of water, fiber, and salts and have working respiratory and … Continue reading

Sign the Petition: AWA Protection for All Animals

The Animal Welfare Act (AWA) was established to set minimal standards of care and treatment for animals used in laboratories, but it specifically excludes animals used in agriculture research, such as cows, pigs, and sheep. However, all animals have the … Continue reading

Leaping Bunny has Something for You!

Welcome to your one-stop shop for cruelty-free holiday savings. AAVS is pleased to extend deals from over 100 Leaping Bunny certified companies. There is something for everyone and Leaping Bunny has made it super easy to sort through the deals … Continue reading