It’s World Week for Animals in Labs

World Week for Animals in Labs starts TODAY and runs until the end of April. Millions of animals suffer in laboratories and education every year, but many people don’t know this. World Week for Animals in Labs is an opportunity … Continue reading

There’s No Tax On Kindness

No one likes tax season. To make it a little easier, here are ways you can support AAVS and help the animals without writing a check: GREAT NONPROFITS Inspire others to support AAVS by telling the world how you feel … Continue reading

Activate for Animals – March 2017

Keep Our Pets Safe Random source Class B dealers earned their notorious reputation. They have made money by selling former pet dogs and cats from pounds and shelters to research facilities so the animals can be used in experiments. However, … Continue reading

🍀 🐴 🍀 Who’s Lucky?

PEGGY IS LUCKY! She was rescued from a PMU farm and now lives at Equine Advocates Rescue & Sanctuary. Your donation to AAVS’s Sanctuary Fund makes this possible. And, AAVS is lucky to have your support for all our programs. … Continue reading


Dear Friend, YOU wouldn’t want to be used as a ‘guinea pig’ for painful, invasive research. Neither does an actual, live guinea pig. Animals don’t volunteer to be test subjects—they don’t have a choice. But we do. Thanks to you, … Continue reading

Activate for Animals – February 2017

You Have the Right to Know On February 3, USDA blocked access to information about legal cases alleging severe animal cruelty and neglect and shut down its online database that houses thousands of searchable records documenting the care and treatment … Continue reading

A Little TLC for Valentine’s Day

There’s nothing but love at Chimp Haven for the seven young chimpanzees supported by AAVS’s Lifetime Care Fund. Thank you for opening your heart to help animals. A little TLC goes a long way.   LEARN ABOUT TLC FOR CHIMPS … Continue reading


USDA Hears You! On February 17, USDA posted some of the thousands of animal welfare records that it had blocked access to earlier in the month. This batch of documents includes inspection reports for certain federal facilities and annual reports … Continue reading

Activate for Animals – January 2017

AWA for All Animals Not all animals used in research are protected by the law. While the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) was created to set minimal standards of care and treatment for animals used in experiments, it specifically excludes those … Continue reading