Primates Need YOU!

Primates Need YouThe sanctuary homes of hundreds of primates, many of whom were once used in research, suffered extensive damage as hurricane Irma ravaged Florida Sunday and Monday. AAVS-supported Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary and the Center for Great Apes were right in the path of the hurricane, and report that their facilities still have downed trees to clear and other important necessary repairs to make.

Your gift will help speed their recovery!

Thankfully, these sanctuaries are very well-run and have excellent emergency plans, which were put into operation well before the storm arrived. None of the primates or sanctuary caregivers were hurt—hooray!

However, support is needed get these sanctuaries operating normally. At Jungle Friends, which cares for many smaller monkeys from labs, trees and debris have to be cleared to access some of the primates’ night houses and enclosures. Aerial runways that allow the primates to move around the sanctuaries need to be rebuilt.

These sanctuaries took heroic measures to protect the animals in their care, with caregivers sealing themselves off in buildings to stay with the animals, many of whom have chronic health conditions and special needs. We commend their efforts and now it’s time for us to step up for them.

Your donation will help ensure the continued safety and well-being of these animals. Be assured, 100% of your gift will go to help the primates at these caring sanctuaries!

Thank you!