Safe And Sound, Thanks To You

Animals Benefit From Kindness of AAVS Members

Once again this year, AAVS members gave from the heart, and enabled yet another new record for sanctuary grant support. Added to special grants sent earlier this year, checks being delivered today bring the 2017 Sanctuary Fund total to $376,000!


Animals who are lucky enough to be released from labs need special care and considerable help to adjust and thrive in their new environment. Your overwhelming generosity helps pay for critical resources and services, including: food, shelter, supplies, veterinary care, utilities, facility maintenance, repairs, and the dedicated staff who care for hundreds of animals in various sanctuaries throughout the U.S.

BUILD IT: Members really stepped up this year for our BUILD IT! Campaign, collectively contributing over $50,000 to assist Chimp Haven with expansion plans for additional habitats to accommodate more chimpanzees who have been retired from research. We won’t let chimpanzees linger in labs waiting for a place to go.

TLC 4 CHIMPS: With support from AAVS’s Total Lifetime Care (TLC) fund, Chimp Haven looks after Arden, Diane, Jimmy, Mason, Onyx, Quilla, and Riley, who are growing up fast and thriving in their forever home.

After years spent in laboratories, so many animals may now experience enrichment, safety, peace, and love.

Thank you for ensuring a happy holiday for the animals!