Did You Take Action
For Animals?


Taking Action For Animals 2018

It was an exciting weekend at the Taking Action For Animals conference, and we’re glad you stopped at the AAVS table. Thank you for signing up to receive our e-newsletter, Activate For Animals, and for entering our raffle for a chance to win a cruelty-free basket worth over $200! We will contact the winner tomorrow.

Since TAFA was such a busy event, we wanted to make sure you didn’t miss our 2 ways to help chimpanzees. Chimps are no longer used in invasive research, but if we don’t help NOW, there may not be a happy ending for them!

1. Retired chimpanzees must go to sanctuary.

Chimpanzees are still in labs waiting to be moved to Chimp Haven. Most of these chimps know nothing else but life in a lab. Don’t let them wait any longer! Tell NIH to send all government-owned and –supported chimpanzees to their rightful home at Chimp Haven

2. All donations made to Build It! at TAFA doubled!

AAVS’s Build It! campaign raises funds for Chimp Haven, and other sanctuaries caring for chimpanzees retired from research, to help them to expand their facilities and provide for even more chimps. We’re grateful to TAFA attendees who donated to Build It! and had their gifts doubled. There’s more work to be done, however, so we’ve extended our double your donation offer. Donate to Build It! and your gift will be doubled!

Thank you for helping chimpanzees and for supporting AAVS!

Sue Leary

Sue Leary
AAVS President