The Kitty and the Countdown

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Every new year brings new challenges, and with your help, AAVS will be ready for 2018! We value your commitment to AAVS’s mission, and know that you will help keep us strong.

We need to build on our accomplishments over the past year and continue our momentum. Your donation to AAVS will help to:

  • End the use of animals in cosmetic testing.
  • Fund the development and use of alternatives to replace animals.
  • Support students who do not want to dissect animals.
  • Provide sanctuary to animals released from labs.

Your support makes a great difference, and we are truly grateful for your devotion and generosity.

There’s still time to make a tax-deductible contribution to AAVS in 2017.

Thank you for caring, and Happy New Year!


Remember, all donations received before midnight, tonight, are eligible for a 2017 charitable tax deduction.