Dear Friend,

YOU wouldn’t want to be used as a ‘guinea pig’ for painful, invasive research. Neither does an actual, live guinea pig.

Animals don’t volunteer to be test subjects—they don’t have a choice. But we do.

Thanks to you, AAVS’s affiliate, the Alternatives Research & Development Foundation (ARDF) funds projects to develop humane, non-animal research models that are not only more ethical, but that also advance research and testing for human health. That’s our choice.

With funding from ARDF and other sources, researchers created “mini-brains” made of human neurons and cells, which could revolutionize drug testing, and spare countless numbers of animals sacrificed for neurological research. These 3D human brain models can be used to find treatments for diseases like Parkinson’s.

Help fund the future of research with a gift for alternatives today!

Federal budget reductions can seriously impact the advancement of research, leaving scientists in search of new approaches. ARDF is working to direct their energies toward alternatives and away from animal usage. Ensuring rapid adoption of new, non-animal methods is our top priority.

Grant proposals for new alternatives projects will be considered in May, and it would be incredible if ARDF were able to fund all those that our scientific reviewers recommend. I hope you will consider a special contribution to help make that happen.




Thank you for being part of this progressive movement for humane science.


Sue A. Leary

ARDF is a longtime sponsor of the World Congress on Alternatives and Animal Use in the Life Sciences, attended by forward-thinking scientists, government officials, and experts from over 50 countries. AAVS and ARDF staff will attend and make presentations at the 10th World Congress, to be held in Seattle, WA this August.