Victory for Liberia Chimpanzees!


On May 30, AAVS learned that the lifetime care for over 60 chimpanzees formerly used in research and abandoned in Liberia is now assured. We are happy to report that The Humane Society of the U.S. (HSUS) and New York Blood Center (NYBC), which used these chimps in hepatitis research for decades, have agreed to split the costs associated with the lifetime care of these animals. NYBC is providing $6 million in funding and HSUS will assume permanent responsibility for the care of the chimps, as well as continue to make improvements to their living environments.

We first became involved in this issue two years ago when we learned of the desperate plight of these chimpanzees and HSUS’s work to intervene. AAVS was quick to add our support by making an emergency donation and President Sue Leary spoke at a rally in front of NYBC headquarters in October 2015.

“We are so happy for these chimpanzees who have suffered so much,” said Crystal Schaeffer, AAVS Outreach Director. “Stories like this are so gratifying and reflect the impact of our important work.”

To all our members and supporters who made donations and wrote on behalf of the chimpanzees in Liberia, your efforts have made a difference. Thank you!