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My fellow procrastinators,

Maybe you’re like me, and are amazed how quickly the holiday season flies past! But here it is, New Year’s Eve, and it’s my chance to finally sit down and make sure that my charitable donations for the year are what I want them to be.

Mainly, I want to know that I have helped wonderful organizations like AAVS who are making the world a better place. Where would animals be without the community of caring people who stand up for them every single day?

Please join me on this ‘Last Chance’ night to make a gift for animals so they have a better future.

THANK YOU and Happy New Year!

Sue’s TIP: I decided to sign up to become a Monthly Partner in 2017, and boy, does that relieve some of the pressure to pull everything together at year-end! Now, I’m really just ‘topping off’ by adding some extra contributions for programs I am most passionate about. It helps AAVS too, because we have a more predictable income stream. AND—your membership doesn’t expire; you are truly a Partner for the animals.
For the animals in 2018 and always,

Sue A. Leary
P.S. This year, charitable gift deductions have been in the news due to changes in the tax code. The analysts say that in 2018, many people won’t see a benefit from making charitable contributions, so really make the most of it tonight!