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Your positive comments will help us to achieve the honor of Top-Rated Non-Profit status for 2017—just a sentence or two with your endorsement of our work would be greatly appreciated. We are humbled and grateful for your comments in the past; here is one:

“I have been a member of AAVS for over 15 years and am truly inspired by its dedication and tenacity in freeing animals from the horrors of vivisection. While AAVS advocates on many fronts, I am most impressed by its commitment to developing alternatives, a most pragmatic approach which shows the most promise to actually end this dreadful and debasing activity.”


With your help, AAVS improves the lives of animals through citizen activism, in-depth reports, legal strategies, and compelling public education. Your support contributes to our many successful campaigns and programs, including: Alternatives Research, Compassionate Shopping, Humane Science Education, and Sanctuary Support.

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