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There are several ongoing animal issues that could be greatly impacted by actions in Congress this year. In the current political climate, anything is possible, so it’s important to make your Senators and Representative aware of legislation and initiatives that can benefit animals.

You can start by taking action today!

Key bills that could help animals in labs:

  • Humane Cosmetics Act – ban animal tested cosmetics
  • BEST Practices Act – combat trauma training without animals
  • Pet Safety and Protection Act – dealers cannot sell dogs and cats from shelters to labs
  • PUPPERS Act – end the VA’s use of dogs in painful experiments
  • Animals Welfare Accountability and Transparency Act – require USDA to make legal info and reports publicly available

The budget bill Congress is currently reviewing also has some important provisions to help animals, like continued funding for the care of chimpanzees retired from government research and the development of non-animal chemical safety tests and other alternatives.

Remember, animal issues are bipartisan, so please contact your legislators, regardless of their party affiliation. If we all make our individual voices heard, together we’ll send a loud and strong message to Congress that animals matter and deserve protection.




In the News


This must-see video was taken at Project Chimps, a sanctuary caring for chimpanzees who have spent their entire lives in a laboratory. AAVS provided funding to help create their new habitats, as well as a specially-outfitted trailer to move them, so these chimps can discover new lives in sanctuary. While the chimps’ loud calls mean they’re scared, they are quickly replaced with hugs of reassurance and gestures of encouragement. WATCH THE VIDEO »


Bio Corporation, a Minnesota-based company that sells dead animals for use in dissection, faces 25 counts of violating the state’s animal cruelty law. Undercover video taken by PETA documented workers drowning pigeons and injecting latex into live crawfish. Although Bio Corporation is a licensed dealer, because these incidents involve animals not covered by the Animal Welfare Act, there is little USDA can do, so it’s interesting that local law officials are intervening. WATCH THE VIDEO »


The British Medical Journal conducted an investigation into an Oxford University study of a new vaccine to prevent Tuberculosis following concerns raised over the failure of a large clinical trial involving South African infants. BMJ claimed that the animal test results for the new vaccine were “misrepresented” in order to get funding and approval to conduct human trials. A concerned bioethicist stated that “It’s widely recognized that animal studies intended to support drug development are often riddled with flaws in design and reporting.” READ MORE »