Support the Petition to Increase Reporting Requirements

Almost every day, we’re asked about how animals are used in research, often in regard to a specific facility, testing lab, or animal dealer. Millions of Americans care about animals and don’t want them to suffer, making it all the more frustrating when we can’t find answers to some of these questions. Labs don’t volunteer information, and the government doesn’t require them to report much information. As animal advocates, we can’t change what we don’t know. That’s why we’re asking you to support a petition requesting that the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) increase reporting requirements for research facilities. (See directions below.)

If labs are required to report more details about their use of animals, the public will be better informed. Laboratories will be more transparent in how they spend our tax dollars, and USDA will be held accountable for upholding the integrity of the Animal Welfare Act. Importantly, more emphasis will be given to the use of alternatives, saving animal lives.

Research institutions in the European Union routinely provide highly detailed information about their work, so that model can easily be adapted for the U.S.

Animals in America do not have the protection they deserve. Help us help them by getting the facts out in the open. Please take a minute to support this reporting requirements petition.

Thank you for supporting AAVS and for all you do to help animals!

To support this petition:


Go to “Petition To Amend the Reporting Requirements for Research Facilities Under the Animal Welfare Act Regulations.”


On the right side, in blue box, click “Comment Now!”


A new page will open. In the comment box, express your support for this petition. You may copy and paste AAVS’s sample letter below or submit your own personal comments.

Sample Letter

I am writing in support of the petition requesting amendments to the Animal Welfare Regulations to increase recordkeeping and reporting requirements for research facilities. More specific and reliable information, in a user-friendly database, is very much needed to understand what is happening to animals in laboratories, which is a matter of public concern.

The Animal Welfare Act includes an expectation of accountability and transparency for research facilities that use animals, and current regulations fail to achieve that intent. With new reporting requirements, similar to those in the European Union, laboratories will disclose important information on their use of animals and point to ways in which animal welfare may be improved.

Having complete, timely, and reliable statistics on animal use in science can also suggest areas that should be prioritized for developing alternatives or highlight areas where available alternatives might not be used to their potential.

Please consider drafting new regulations that will help animals who suffer in labs, by implementing common sense measures to provide information that the public wants and needs.


Under the comment box, you will be asked to provide your contact information.
Click the blue “Continue” button.


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Scroll down and check “I read and understand the statement above.”
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