Is your purpose to help animals?


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September 28, 2021

Is your purpose to help animals?

Members are the ❤️ of AAVS

What can one person do?

We know that animals have emotions and possess unique intelligence and sensitivity. And just like us, they experience fear and pain. And what could be more frightening and painful than having chemicals forced into your eyes, down your throat, or rubbed on sensitive skin?

You can stand up for the animals who suffer in labs by joining AAVS, a leader in the fight to end animal testing.

AAVS effectively engages with a diverse group of domestic and international partners, including scientists who recognize that animal testing is not only cruel, but unreliable as a predictor of safety in humans. We are proud of our contributions to reform scientific testing in a way that benefits both people and animals.

Please Join Us Today! With your support, we will let people know that animal testing is cruel and unnecessary, and that, as consumers and citizens, the power is in our hands to end suffering.

For over 135 years, AAVS has brought informed expertise and dogged determination to combatting animal experimentation. Today, we manage the trusted Leaping Bunny certification program of cruelty-free cosmetics, personal care and household products.

Whether the problem is mandatory animal testing in China or the threat of a new testing program in the U.S., AAVS has the expertise and relationships to advocate effectively for the animals. Our efforts include:

  • Funding the development of non-animal research methods
  • Helping former laboratory animals transition to sanctuaries
  • Providing humane science teaching tools to students and educators
  • Encouraging compassionate shopping through the Leaping Bunny Program

However, this important work is only possible though the support of our dedicated members.

A strong membership ensures that AAVS can continue to provide essential, knowledgeable leadership in the fight against animal testing. Working together, we can create a cruelty-free future!

With a membership contribution of $15 or more, you'll receive our new booklet on cruelty-free living.

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