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December 27, 2022

Question for You

These last days of the year are traditionally the most important fundraising time for AAVS. Your decision to give—or not—can make or break certain plans for the coming year.

  • How much can we afford to ensure that companies remain cruelty-free?
  • How much can we assist teachers who need help moving away from classroom dissection?
  • How much can we dig into campaign research and rally allies to help get good laws and regulations?
  • How much can we do to ensure that scientists move away from animal use and embrace alternative methods?
  • How much can we help sanctuaries that need to take in animals from labs and give them the best of care?

In large part, the answers are up to you. You can determine how much we do for the animals in 2023, with a thoughtful donation today.

If you have already given to AAVS this year, please know how much we appreciate each and every gift. Your kindness makes our work possible.


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