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October 30, 2023

Your kindness saves chimps’ lives

The support received this month for our BUILD IT! appeal has been incredible—thanks so much to everyone who donated!

Our matching gift challenge ends soon, but there’s still time to donate and have your gift DOUBLED. Even if you've already given, please share with family and friends.

We're closing in, but unfortunately, we're still pretty well short of our goal, and this is the last email of our BUILD IT! Campaign! Can you please help?

Your much-needed funding will help make possible the transfer of nearly 100 chimpanzees remaining at the New Iberia Research Center to a new forever home. All of your donation will be used to expand the capacity at Project Chimps so that these chimpanzees will be guaranteed a safe and secure future. But time is running short and action is needed now.

Please donate today and have your gift doubled!

Thank you!

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