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January 5, 2024

Birds Deserve Their Day!

On this National Bird Day, we want to draw attention to the tens of thousands of birds held in laboratories. They’re used in agricultural experiments; infectious disease, cognitive, and field research; and toxicity testing. Unfortunately, most birds in labs have little protection.

For over 20 years, AAVS and the Avian Welfare Coalition worked to gain Animal Welfare Act (AWA) protection for birds used in breeding, the pet trade, exhibition, and certain types of research.

We never gave up the fight!

Finally, the USDA enacted regulations to protect birds in February 2023. Now facilities not providing proper care and treatment under the AWA are being exposed, including an Alabama lab that failed to consider alternatives to painful procedures and a California lab that failed to provide an environmental enrichment plan to promote avian psychological well-being.

Our work to protect birds used in labs continues, but more people need to be aware of how birds suffer in science. You can support our effort by forwarding this e-mail to others and sharing it on your social media. The birds and AAVS thank you!

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