Paul’s been through a lot


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October 17, 2023

Paul’s been through a lot

Everybody Loves Paul

Hand-reared in a laboratory, Paul was repeatedly infected with the same strain of hepatitis B virus. Despite how he was treated and what he was subjected to, Paul still enjoys being around humans and has been adored by his caregivers since arriving at Project Chimps in 2022.

Please support AAVS’s BUILD IT! Campaign and help ensure that all of Paul’s friends at New Iberia Research Center (NIRC) reach their new, permanent home at Project Chimps.

Paul is the smallest male in his group and can be emotional at times, but his group seems to understand his quirks and take care of him. At meal time, he likes to set all his food out in front of him and eat everything piece by piece. Paul’s mother Moonie and three of his half-siblings—Harriet, Lance, and Patrick—also reside at Project Chimps.

Paul enjoys…

  • Playing Chase
  • Tickling
  • Pistachios

Paul is only one of the chimps who deserve to retire to a safe, healthy environment. A hundred others are waiting. You are the key to success.

Along with new homes, your contribution will also ensure that the chimpanzees coming from NIRC will enjoy wholesome foods, stimulating environments, and, most importantly, the social companionship of their own kind. As expenses have risen everywhere this past year, food, housing, medical care and enrichment activities for one chimpanzee in sanctuary now cost as much as $30,000 annually, and life expectancies are 50 years or longer.

Together we can do this! Thanks to a few generous AAVS donors, every contribution received for this year’s BUILD IT! Campaign will be DOUBLED. Any amount you can give is worth twice as much!

Thank you!
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