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December 6, 2021

Good News and Good Deals

Cruelty-Free Giveaways and Holiday Savings

Are you ready to get shopping? AAVS is excited to tell you about the 12 Days of Leaping Bunny cruelty-free holiday promotion, featuring money-saving deals from some of your favorite compassionate companies, including Ofra, Acure, KitavaMD, and Megababe. You’ll find amazing discounts, freebies, and other fun giveaways, all while you shop from the comfort and safety of your home.

By relying on Leaping Bunny to help make your holiday shopping list, you’ll make everyone happy. You’ll love the savings and your family and friends will appreciate the extra thought you put into picking their special gift. And of course, countless bunnies, guinea pigs, mice, and rats will be happy that you support compassionate companies that don’t test on animals.

Shop the very best deals this holiday season from cruelty-free companies certified by Leaping Bunny! As the Chair of the Leaping Bunny Program, AAVS is excited to pass along these exclusive deals to our supporters. It’s our holiday gift to you!

Other News

The UK has amended its Animal Welfare Sentience Bill by adding octopuses and crabs, following the release of a report reviewing of over 300 scientific studies showing evidence that these animals are intelligent, sentient beings. The report states that although these animals “experience the world in extremely different ways to ourselves,” what matters is “whether that experience entails conscious experience of pleasure and pain.” READ MORE »

Alternatives, like the highly regarded Anatomy in Clay system, are the solution for studying life sciences without harming animals. Director of AAVS’s Animalearn division, Nicole Green, is interviewed in this blog post by the company. She talks about our alternatives to dissection lending library, The Science Bank, and how she constructively reaches out to teachers with humane science education resources, supporting students and educators at all learning levels. READ MORE »

Sanctuary Moment

Center for Great Apes

The Great Eight are Home!

Ewok, Josh, Billy, Mystery, Sabina, Maude, Sha Sha, and Jeeter have finally arrived at their new sanctuary home, the Center for Great Apes (CGA) in central Florida. Most of these chimps were born at a New York biomedical laboratory before they were moved to California to live at the Wildlife Waystation, which closed in 2019. Funds raised from AAVS’s BUILD IT! giving campaign has helped CGA expand its facilities to help ensure that these chimpanzees receive the best care possible in a loving, safe environment. These chimps are finally getting the chance to live their best life!

Unlike the others, Jeeter was raised as a pet with only human interaction, so he never learned normal chimp social behavior like he would have growing up in a chimpanzee family. Because of this, it’s been difficult for Jeeter to make friends and he lived alone at the Waystation. Thankfully, CGA specializes in caring for apes who were kept as pets or used in entertainment and the caretakers there are optimistic that Jeeter will find companionship at the sanctuary. If anyone can help Jeeter have the chimp family he so deserves, it’s the folks at CGA!

Many of you have given generously to BUILD IT! and we are so grateful for your support. You helped to make this happen!

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