For the love of chimpanzees


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July 14, 2023

For the love of chimpanzees

Celebrate Chimps!
World Chimpanzee Day is July 14

While AAVS loves chimps every day, we’d never miss the chance to shower them with extra special attention on World Chimpanzee Day!

Whether we come to know them in the wild or in sanctuaries, it’s easy to recognize that chimpanzees are wonderful, amazing animals. They each have unique, individual personalities: funny, serious, outgoing, rabble-rousing, and laid-back. They’re not just smart—they are sensitive and emotional, and demonstrate the capacity to care and forgive. Chimpanzees are resilient, especially those who have endured years of abuse in labs. And who can hear pants and hoots or watch young chimps playing and not crack a smile?

What do you like about chimpanzees?

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