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January 28, 2023

I resolve to…

Resolving to Help Animals in 2023

Your Support Can Be Looong Lasting!

There’s an important way for you to help AAVS and the animals: become a Monthly Partner. By establishing a recurring donation, you’ll provide dedicated funding throughout the year for the benefit of animals. Just $5.00 a month would make a tremendous difference for animals who have suffered in labs and deserve a peaceful retirement.

There are many practical benefits to monthly contributions, including convenient budgeting of your charitable giving, and conservation of resources by saving time, checks, and postage. You’ll also keep your AAVS membership active and receive our informative publications.

It's easy to set up a recurring gift, and when you do, AAVS can count on your consistent funding to drive our outreach programs and targeted campaigns for ending the abuse and exploitation of animals used in research, testing, and education.

With your commitment as a Monthly Partner, AAVS can continue to provide:

  • Funding to develop non-animal research methods
  • Dissection alternatives for students and educators
  • Certified cruelty-free shopping choices to consumers
  • Support to sanctuaries that care for animals formerly used in research

Please start a recurring gift and become a vital ally—a real Partner—in our efforts to achieve meaningful, lasting change for the animals. And of course, if your preference is to make a one-time gift today, we appreciate that too!

Thank you!

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