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November 17, 2023

Time to stop ‘pet’ monkey trade, Nominate an educator or student, “Mr. October” Franklin

Making the case to end the primate pet trade

What is going on with so-called ‘pet’ monkeys? Nonhuman primates are wild animals who should NOT be people’s pets. Keeping them in such situations is exploitation, which sacrifices their well-being and poses a danger to the public. That’s why legislation is needed to end the primate pet trade. Fortunately, a renewed effort is underway to do just that!

Primates kept as pets suffer tremendously. They are often taken from their mothers soon after birth and kept isolated, unable to live in social groups and develop relationships as they would in the wild. Being denied these important social interactions in the first months and years of their lives causes psychological trauma, leaving scars that carry into adulthood.

Sanctuaries supported by AAVS are often called upon to rescue animals from the pet trade, entertainment industry, and other abusive situations, straining their valuable resources and making it more difficult to provide refuge to animals relinquished from labs.

That’s why AAVS, along with other animal groups, believes that a federal bill prohibiting the primate pet trade is the best way forward. Unfortunately, the Captive Primate Safety Act, introduced in the 2021-2022 Congress, did not pass, but the Animal Welfare Institute’s article at the link below makes the case for it to be reintroduced. Check it out and when the time is right, we will help you reach out to your members of Congress.

Other News

Do you know a student making a difference for animals? How about a teacher who brings compassion into the science classroom? AAVS’s Animalearn division is accepting nominations for humane students and educators who have made a difference for animals by advocating for dissection alternatives and humane science education. Nominate your favorite student and teacher by November 30!

Scientists in China created a baby monkey “chimera,” by injecting macaque embryos with genetically engineered embryonic stem cells from another monkey. The embryos were implanted into 40 females but only one made it to birth. The infant was euthanized at 10 days old because he suffered from hypothermia and breathing difficulties. Researchers are excited about human-animal chimeras to study disease but they are ignoring the ethical implications.

Commenting on how to get scientists to embrace exciting new alternative methods, Sue Leary, President of AAVS and our affiliate, the Alternatives Research & Development Foundation, said, “We want to create an atmosphere where folks have a fear of missing out if they’re not a part of this.” She was speaking at the recent meeting of the Scientific Advisory Committee on Alternative Toxicological Methods (SACATM). The Committee agreed that advancing alternatives will require communication, training, and community engagement.

Sanctuary Moment

Equine Advocates

Photos You’ll Fall For

One of our favorite sanctuaries is Equine Advocates. Located in upstate New York, it is home to nearly 80 horses, donkeys, and miniature equines, most of whom were rescued from slaughterhouses, the pharmaceutical industry, and abusive working environments. Now these animals get to live out their lives in a natural environment where they can explore and play with friends, eat healthy foods, and have access to the best veterinary care.

Equine Advocates highlights some of its residents in its annual calendar filled with stunning photos, like this year’s Mr. October, Franklin. This miniature donkey was posted for sale on Craigslist, making him vulnerable to abusive purchasers. When Franklin arrived at Equine Advocates, he had a serious skin condition that required intensive treatment. But despite his rough start in life, Franklin is sweet and friendly, making him a visitor favorite, along with the rest of his herd, Casey and Reggie, on Pony Hill.

Don’t miss your chance to order a copy of the Equine Advocates 2024 calendar! You’ll be supporting a wonderful sanctuary and have beautiful photos to remind you of the animals your purchase helps.

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