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August 17, 2023

Forever Homes for Former Lab Animals

Help Sanctuaries To Endure In Troubled Times

Today, there are more accredited sanctuaries than ever before. And there are more animals residing in those sanctuaries than ever before. Your incredible support of AAVS’s Sanctuary Fund has helped make it possible to relocate hundreds of animals from research facilities to sanctuaries where they are thriving.

In recent years, AAVS has awarded record grant funding to benefit worthy sanctuaries caring for animals formerly abused in labs. However, public support for our Sanctuary Fund has sadly declined even as more animals are waiting to experience the joy of sanctuary. Critical funding is needed to help sanctuaries expand to welcome more residents.

Can you help the animals with a special gift today?

Animals who are released from laboratories often require special care and considerable help to adjust and thrive in their new environment; most have never before had access to fresh air or walked on grass. Sanctuary Fund grants provide funding for essential needs, including: healthy foods, stimulating environments, professional veterinary care, vital social companionship, facility maintenance and repairs, and dedicated staff.

But even in the safety of sanctuaries, there is another growing threat to those animals: climate change is creating more frequent and extreme weather events such as intense hurricanes, tornados, ice storms, wind storms, heat waves, and wild fires. For sanctuary staff, such events are difficult challenges at the least, and life-threatening disasters at the worst. Special training and additional resources are needed to be prepared for climate-related emergencies and your support is greatly needed now to enable that readiness.

Please help sanctuaries prepare for emergencies with a special gift today.

AAVS’s steadfast support of the sanctuary community is our compassion in action! Sanctuaries are extremely grateful and we are grateful to them for taking on this important and challenging work of caring for animals who have been harmed by humans in some terrible ways. We are dedicated to carrying on this important mission.

Only with your help can we continue to support sanctuaries that care for animals retired from research and ensure that all receive the enrichment, safety and love that they deserve. Working together, we can ensure a brighter future for all of those forgotten animals and give them a better life.



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