There’s still time to act! Tell FDA that animal welfare matters!


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August 13, 2021

There’s still time to act! Tell FDA that animal welfare matters!

Did you see our message below earlier this month? We’re getting ready to send our petition to FDA. If you signed already, thank you! If not, please add your name to help pigs and other animals—deadline is September 6!

Animal Welfare is the Main Problem with GE

Part of the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) job is to ensure that the food humans consume is safe and this includes regulating the use of genetically engineered (GE) animals for food. FDA has already approved a GE pig and GE salmon, but without having reviewed proper risk assessments and without due consideration to the welfare of the animals engineered.

Now you have the chance to speak out on behalf of GE animals!

Genetically engineering animals for food is a terrible misuse of biotechnology. It’s an unpredictable technology that often involves frequent complications that result in unanticipated, harmful conditions that can cause severe animal suffering. Further, some want to genetically engineer animals just so that they can better tolerate inhumane conditions found on factory farms.

Tell the FDA that animal welfare matters to you! The agency has drafted guidelines on “Intended Genetic Alterations” that could make it easier for agricultural biotech companies to gain approval for GE animals. Instead, they must establish strict regulations that ensure animal welfare is protected, as well as human health and the environment.

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