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April 24, 2022

Yesterday, Today, and Always

It’s World Day for Animals in Laboratories!

Because animal testing happens behind closed laboratory doors, many people don’t know the pain and suffering animals are forced to endure. That’s why World Day for Animals in Laboratories was established—to raise awareness about the millions of animals who suffer in science.

While today we unite our voices with advocates around the world, AAVS has strived to help alleviate animal suffering every day of our nearly 140 years of history. In a special issue of our AV Magazine, we chronicle some extraordinary moments from the past, including Caroline Earle White’s account of researchers’ demand for dogs that prompted her to start AAVS. It’s full of stories, photos, and illustrations that will touch your heart.

We think that the publication will inspire you to do more for animals and help you understand the unique AAVS community. You will see that our mission to end the use of animals in research, testing, and education has never wavered.

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