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February 14, 2024

Teens, Tweens – Either way, we still love ‘em

They’re teenagers now. Seven chimpanzees—Arden, Diane, Jimmy Dean, Mason, Onyx, Quilla, and Riley, who will turn 13 in June, and already acts like the ‘big guy,’ practicing being the up-and-coming alpha of his group. Every Valentine’s Day, AAVS celebrates these special chimpanzees with our annual grant to the Chimp Haven sanctuary to help provide for their Total Lifetime Care (TLC), and it’s been so rewarding to get to know them and see them grow up!

When they were just babies, their moms were released from research, and knowing these little ones needed and deserved their mothers’ love (spicy Onyx is still a mama’s girl at heart), Chimp Haven welcomed them all. And now, while Onyx’s cousin Quilla is networking to up her social status, Mason is already the alpha of his group. Not so interested in being social, Arden is an independent tree-climber who loves her ‘me’ time. Diane keeps everyone on their toes as the expert in the art of spitting water, while laid back Jimmy Dean keeps his eye on the older ladies.

Chimpanzees can live into their 60s, so there are many more years ahead to watch these lucky youngsters enjoy their lives. And they couldn’t have a better home than Chimp Haven, where they have expert veterinary care; fresh, healthy foods; multi-acre forested habitats to explore; and large, diverse social groups. Your support of AAVS helps make this possible!

On this Valentine’s Day, and every day, we celebrate chimpanzees and the privilege to provide TLC for Chimps. Thank you!

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