Season’s Greetings!

Most Sincerely, THE BOARD AND STAFF OF THE AMERICAN ANTI-VIVISECTION SOCIETY AAVS works for the animals all year long, and we wish to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for your support. Thank you! If you would like to … Continue reading

Inspired by Chimps – A Generous Offer

Be a Champion for Chimps! What a week—and it’s not over yet! We are grateful to everyone who has donated so generously this week to our BUILD IT! campaign, which AAVS initiated to get chimpanzees out of labs and into … Continue reading

Double Down For Chimps!

Double Down For Chimps! Thanks to our collaborative efforts, government agencies have acknowledged that chimpanzees—our closest relatives in the animal kingdom—should not be subjected to invasive research. And now the chimps formerly used in research desperately need a place other … Continue reading


Should someone who has violated the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) or state cruelty laws have a license to sell animals? NO! And you can help make sure that this doesn’t happen. USDA is considering changing its licensing regulations under the … Continue reading

World Animal Day – 2017

October 4 is World Animal Day and people everywhere are celebrating their love for animals and their commitment to helping them.While we at AAVS love all animals, mice have a special place in our heart because they are the most … Continue reading


USDA STILL BLOCKING ACCESS TO WELFARE REPORTS You love animals, right? Of course you do! We care about what happens to all animals, not just our dog and cat companions, but also the ones we don’t often see, like those … Continue reading


PROBLEM: Sacrificing animals for education is unnecessary, wasteful, and costly, and merely demonstrates principles that are already known. SOLUTION: Alternatives, which are humane, safe, effective, reusable, cost-efficient, and environmentally friendly. A new school year brings a fresh start for students … Continue reading

Primates Need YOU!

The sanctuary homes of hundreds of primates, many of whom were once used in research, suffered extensive damage as hurricane Irma ravaged Florida Sunday and Monday. AAVS-supported Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary and the Center for Great Apes were right in the … Continue reading