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April 21, 2022

Birds have been denied protection under the Animal Welfare Act for too long. If you have already signed our petition urging the USDA to provide birds strong protection—thank you! If not, there’s still time to act!

Deadline is Friday!

It’s Not Over Yet!

Ensure Birds Get the Protection They Deserve

We asked you to speak up for birds. You did—and you were heard!!

That’s why we know that your voice matters.

Following a positive court ruling in our lawsuit with co-plaintiff, the Avian Welfare Coalition, the USDA has finally written proposed regulations to protect birds. The published draft shows that the agency embraced many of the legal, scientific, and ethical arguments that you supported, BUT we have one last hurdle to ensure that birds get ALL the protection they deserve and that these proposed regulations are strengthened.

Sign our petition today to tell the USDA that you support strong regulation of commercial industries that use and exploit birds covered under the Animal Welfare Act.

Industries that use birds for profit, such as in breeding, exhibition, and the pet trade, are already attacking the USDA’s proposed regulations and will try to convince the agency that they should be weakened. Please don’t let that happen!

Birds deserve protection, just like dogs, cats, and primates. Tell the USDA that you are concerned about the suffering of birds, who are smart, sensitive, and have unique needs. Please support strong regulation by signing our petition today!

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