ANIMALEARN + Back to School = Humane Science Education

PROBLEM: Sacrificing animals for education is unnecessary, wasteful, and costly, and merely demonstrates what is already known. SOLUTION: Alternatives, which are humane, safe, effective, reusable, cost efficient, and environmentally friendly. Dear Friend, An estimated 10-12 million animals, including cats, are … Continue reading

News Highlights
September 2019

On August 22, The Washington Post published an article documenting disturbing animal cruelty and suffering at an Iowa breeding facility, where USDA inspectors found nearly 300 raccoons overwhelmed by the heat, panting and drooling, with several “in severe heat distress.” … Continue reading

Monkeys retired from research need your help

A grooming session with Junior and Rett Support Sanctuary & AAVS Mission We have exciting news to share! The Oklahoma Primate Sanctuary (OPS), one of our favorite sanctuaries caring for monkeys who’ve been released from labs, has received its ‘Verified’ certification by … Continue reading

August 2019

WHAT’S NEW AAVS affiliate, the Alternatives Research & Development Foundation, is feeling proud this month! ARDF grantee Dongeun (Dan) Huh and his team at the University of Pennsylvania had an article published in the leading journal, Science. The article explains … Continue reading

A day to celebrate our cousins

World Chimpanzee Day Today is the second annual World Chimpanzee Day! We celebrate on July 14 because it was the first day Jane Goodall began her groundbreaking work studying chimpanzees in Gombe Stream National Park in Tanzania. Her findings revealed familiar … Continue reading

Activate for Animals | June 2019

The Message is Simple: No Animal TestsDeadline for comments is June 27! The Food and Drug and Administration (FDA) wants animal testing to be used to determine if certain chemicals found in sunscreen meet the agency’s criteria for being considered … Continue reading

Just A Few Kind Words Will Help

Inspire others to support our mission and help animals by expressing your admiration for AAVS on Great Nonprofits, a website for reviewing philanthropic organizations. Just a sentence or two to share your understanding about the importance of our work will … Continue reading

Animal Sanctuary
Caregiver Day 2019

You Gotta Have Heart Hardworking staff members of the Center for Great Apes in Wauchula, FL AAVS is celebrating the work of some special people on Animal Sanctuary Caregiver Day! AAVS has supported sanctuaries caring for animals released from labs … Continue reading

Activate for Animals | May 2019

Support the Humane Retirement Act On May 20, a bill was introduced in Congress that would help dogs and cats no longer needed in government research find loving families and start life anew. The Humane Retirement Act (H.R. 2850) would … Continue reading

Happy Mother’s Day 2019!

After learning that seven baby chimps and their mothers had the opportunity to be released from a lab in 2013—together—AAVS made a commitment right then and there to ensure Total Lifetime Care for those youngsters. Happily, they started new lives … Continue reading