The Numbers are Staggering

Over 110 Million Rats and Mice Used in U.S. Labs? A new study estimates that over 110 million rats and mice are used annually in U.S. labs, a number much higher than previously thought by animal groups, including AAVS, and … Continue reading

Planner or Procrastinator or both?

Dear Friend, Best wishes to you for a Happy New Year! Whether you are planning for 2021 or you’ve procrastinated in making charitable donations for 2020, I can relate! New Year’s Eve certainly invites consideration of the year to come, … Continue reading

It Begins Now

Dear Friend, This past year presented challenges to everyone, but I want you to know that AAVS never lost our focus or sense of urgency working on our mission to end the use of animals in science. With a resilient … Continue reading

What It’s All About

When days were dark this past year, we drew inspiration and resolve from the certain knowledge that innocent animals needed us. We didn’t miss a beat—our wonderful staff, board and members continued to work together for meaningful, lasting change. The … Continue reading

What Matters to You?

We can’t thank you enough for your unwavering commitment to AAVS’s mission. Throughout a difficult year, your advocacy and generosity has made a difference for animals. You rallied to ensure that birds get the legal protections they deserve; you ensured … Continue reading

Our Wish for You

Thank you For all you do to help the animals. THE BOARD AND STAFF OFTHE AMERICAN ANTI-VIVISECTION SOCIETY Want to share the joy? Help AAVS support sanctuaries throughout the United States. THE SANCTUARY FUND »

AAVS Steps Up!

Better Lives Because of YOU! Can you imagine caring for hundreds of animals who have been released from research and testing labs where they have suffered so much? Now imagine doing that during a pandemic. This year has been a … Continue reading

You’ve received a gift!

A SPECIAL GIFT FOR YOU Dear Friend, Season’s greetings! A friend has made a generous gift in your name to benefit the work of the American Anti-Vivisection Society (AAVS). Since 1883, AAVS has been fighting to keep animals out of … Continue reading