Nobody Does It Better

Today AAVS observes the fifth annual Animal Sanctuary Caregiver Day, which honors the extraordinary people performing important and demanding work looking after thousands of animals in sanctuaries throughout the United States. These amazing individuals have had to improvise and adapt … Continue reading

Help make AAVS a top-rated charity

Inspire others to support our mission and help animals by expressing your admiration for AAVS on Great Nonprofits, a website for reviewing philanthropic organizations. Just a sentence or two to share your understanding about the importance of our work will … Continue reading

Looking for a few good humans

Members are the ❤️ of AAVS What can one person do? We know that animals have emotions and possess unique intelligence and sensitivity. And just like us, they experience fear and pain. And what could be more frightening and painful … Continue reading

Women and AAVS – a ‘her’story

Celebrating Women and Animal Advocacy International Women’s Day Did you know that AAVS was founded by a woman? Caroline Earle White established AAVS in 1883 to prevent Philadelphia doctors from using stray and stolen dogs in their horrific experiments. We’re … Continue reading