You Can Inspire Others

Inspire others to support our mission and help animals by expressing your admiration for AAVS on Great Nonprofits, a website for reviewing philanthropic organizations. Just a sentence or two to share your understanding about the importance of our work will … Continue reading

No One Needs to Dissect

Over the past several months, Animalearn has been working to help ensure that science educators at all learning levels have access to valuable resources that can be used to teach their students virtually from home. While we’ve always known the … Continue reading

Spreading Kindness From Home

No matter where you are, there’s always something you can do to make the world a better place for animals. Recently delivered to AAVS members, our latest Activate for Animals newsletter explains how to help animals from home—not just during … Continue reading

Urgent in Louisiana!
Chimps need you now

Louisiana is the Key to Saving Chimpanzees Louisiana has a special connection to chimpanzees because it’s home to Chimp Haven, a sanctuary caring for hundreds of chimpanzees who have been retired from research. Although it has the space and resources … Continue reading

Meals. Medicine. Enrichment. Love.

AAVS is celebrating the work of some very special people for Animal Sanctuary Caregiver Day! Lately, we’ve been loving how sanctuaries are featuring their dedicated personnel in pictures and videos online. It’s amazing to see the relationships between the animals … Continue reading

Extraordinary People
Care for Animals

Support Essential Sanctuary Workers #GIVINGTUESDAYNOW The wonderful people who care for animals in sanctuaries can’t stay safe at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. The animals need them, and they need us. Will you give today to honor the people who … Continue reading