CA residents – Time to stop dissection!

Ban Animal Dissection K–12 in California! AAVS urges California residents to take action before May 1st to support AB 1586, the Replacing Animals in Science Education Act (RAISE) Act. This bill has been endorsed by our education division, Animalearn, which … Continue reading

Activate for Animals
| March 2019

Frankenfish for Sale Despite the risks, the federal government has given the final OK for genetically engineered (GE) salmon to be marketed and sold as food. The GE salmon is engineered using genes from two other fish, supposedly making it … Continue reading

Can We Help Animals and People?

YOU wouldn’t want to be used as a ‘guinea pig’ for painful, invasive research. Neither does an actual, live guinea pig. Animals don’t volunteer to be test subjects—they don’t have a choice. But we do. Thanks to you, AAVS’s affiliate, … Continue reading

Activate for Animals
| February 2019

Emphasis on Alternatives and Enhanced Oversight The Humane and Existing Alternatives in Research and Testing Sciences (HEARTS) Act, introduced in February, will help “ensure that non-animal methods are prioritized, where applicable and feasible, in proposals for all research to be … Continue reading

Love is In the Air

We want to share the love today because you are a part of this happy story. Six years ago, seven baby chimps and their mothers arrived at Chimp Haven, the National Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Louisiana. Every Valentine’s Day, AAVS commemorates … Continue reading

Let’s Keep up the Momentum

2nd Hearing on Student Choice Can you once again help us take action on behalf of animals used in education in Maryland? Just last week, we asked you to join the Animalearn team in voicing support of SB 188, the … Continue reading

Activate for Animals
| January 2019

NIH: Strengthen Animal Welfare Requirements Last year, powerful animal research proponents tried to push their agenda in an attempt to reduce the so-called “regulatory administrative burden” for researchers using animals in experiments. This could have drastically compromised the welfare of … Continue reading

Birds need you today
and every day

Wild is Beautiful – Tomorrow is National Bird Day and in celebration of these amazing animals, I encourage you to spend some time listening to your neighborhood finches, chickadees, and other songbirds. If you listen, you’ll marvel at how they … Continue reading