Looking for a few good humans

Members are the ❤️ of AAVS What can one person do? We know that animals have emotions and possess unique intelligence and sensitivity. And just like us, they experience fear and pain. And what could be more frightening and painful … Continue reading

24 hours to help birds

Help Birds   Get the Legal Protection They Deserve Deadline: 12 noon (eastern) October 29 Countless numbers of birds have already suffered and died because of USDA’s failure to provide them protection under the Animal Welfare Act (AWA). Thanks to AAVS’s … Continue reading

Time Is A Luxury They Don’t Have

YOU Make A Difference! The support received last week for our BUILD IT! appeal was amazing—thanks so much to everyone who donated! Our matching gift challenge ends soon, but there’s still time to donate and have your gift DOUBLED. DOUBLE … Continue reading

No Chimp Left Behind

Did you see our messages earlier this week about the former lab chimps who need help? We are enormously grateful for everyone who has donated this week to our BUILD IT! Campaign. And if you haven’t made a gift yet, … Continue reading

A bit of Mystery

We Won’t Let Him Down When the notorious Laboratory for Experimental Medicine and Surgery in Primates closed in 1997, and then started transferring animals to yet another horrible lab facility, California’s Wildlife Waystation stepped in to rescue 41 chimpanzees, including … Continue reading

URGENT: Chimpanzees’ lives are on the line

Chimpanzees are literally in the line of fire, and we’ve got to get them out! Can you help? AAVS’s 2020 BUILD IT! Campaign addresses an unprecedented challenge. California’s Wildlife Waystation was forced to close down last year, due in part … Continue reading

Thank you! What’s next?

Dear Friend, I want to thank you again for signing our petition urging the USDA to provide strong protections for birds under the Animal Welfare Act and for joining AAVS’s online community. Welcome! We appreciate your support! Here’s how to … Continue reading