Checks are in the mail!

Better Lives Because of YOU Your AAVS is absolutely committed to helping sanctuaries who take in animals used and abused in science. Sanctuaries are doing the work of angels! This week, we sent out $$$ checks from our Sanctuary Fund, … Continue reading

Cruelty-Free Holiday Magic

This holiday season, save more than just money. Help put an end to animal testing by shopping cruelty-free. We have curated an incredible page of all kinds of deals. Save up to 50%, score free products, get free shipping, and … Continue reading

Activate for Animals | November 2018

‘Tis the Season to Shop Cruelty-Free AAVS is excited to share the Leaping Bunny Program’s cruelty-free holiday shopping bonanza. With this special link, you will have exclusive access to special discounts and promotions from over 250 Leaping Bunny certified companies. … Continue reading

Ensure Animals in Labs Have a Voice

Being An AAVS Partner Today, and every day, we thank you for your generous support and devotion to our mission! This Giving Tuesday, we’re asking you to consider an important way for you to help AAVS and the animals: becoming … Continue reading

Animals we LOVE to help

KEEP THE MOMENTUM GOING! We are extremely grateful for everyone who has donated so generously this week to our BUILD IT! Campaign, which AAVS initiated to move chimpanzees out of labs and into sanctuaries. Hard-fought policy changes have made retirement … Continue reading

Give Them A Place To Call Home

BE A CHAMPION FOR CHIMPS Chimps can’t wait to ‘retire’ from research! YOU can make it happen, and NOW is the time. Labs that currently hold chimpanzees have been resisting transfers to the national chimpanzee sanctuary, Chimp Haven, citing space … Continue reading

We Won’t Let Them Down

DOUBLE DOWN FOR CHIMPS! Thanks to advocates like you, government agencies have acknowledged that chimpanzees—our closest relatives in the animal kingdom—should not be subjected to invasive research. Thank you for speaking out! But it’s not over yet. Now the chimps … Continue reading

Activate for Animals |
October 2018

The Animals Need Your Vote These days on the news, you hear a lot about red states and blue states—It’s party politics. But you don’t have to be a Democrat or Republican or Independent to care about animals. In fact, … Continue reading