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Keep the Endangered Species Act Strong!

In the very near future, Congress will vote on the 2018 Farm Bill and, currently, there are sections in the House version that could weaken the Endangered Species Act (ESA). Enacted to help protect endangered wildlife from various destructive industry practices, the ESA was vital in helping to end invasive research on chimpanzees when captive chimps, such as those in labs, were reclassified as endangered, like their wild cousins have been for many years. The umbrella of protection that the ESA provides can extend to animals in laboratories, making it especially important to keep the Endangered Species Act strong.

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WANTED: Cruelty-Free and Safe Products

Wanted: Cruelty-Free and Safe Products

Compassionate consumers want cosmetics and personal care products that are both cruelty-free and safe. Legislators are weighing two bills about cosmetics testing that could have very different outcomes for animals.

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EPA Needs to Replace Animal Tests with Alternatives


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is working to eventually reduce and replace the use of vertebrate animals in its chemical safety testing program and is seeking comments on its strategic plan to meet that goal. This is the accumulation of decades of work by dedicated organizations and activists, so it’s important to keep the momentum going by supporting EPA’s effort to replace animals with alternative testing methods.

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Tell USDA to Do Its Job!

Having no voice, animals need and deserve protection from the industries that use and exploit them, and it’s the job of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to protect their welfare. The Animal Welfare Act (AWA) requires USDA to inspect animal dealers, breeders, exhibitions, and laboratories to help assure that animals are provided minimal standards of care and treatment. Despite the law, however, USDA has indicated a willingness to skirt on its responsibility to protect animal welfare by adopting a system that would permit third parties to perform inspections, which could be used to reduce oversight by the USDA.

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You CAN Make a Difference!

There are several ongoing animal issues that could be greatly impacted by Congress this year, so it’s an important time to get to know your legislators, and for them to know you. This can be as easy as following them on social media, calling their local offices, or attending events. By doing this, you’ll be able to make your message more personal and effective when you contact your legislators asking them to support pro-animal bills. Legislators need to hear from their constituents and learn more about animal protection issues, which are non-partisan.

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USDA Still Blocking Access to Welfare Reports

After several years of making animal welfare reports and legal documents available on its website, in February, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) blocked the public, animal groups like AAVS, and the media from having access to nearly all information related to the welfare of animals at laboratories, dealers, carriers, breeders, and exhibitors from its website. Gradually, some info has been restored, and most recently, the searchable database has been enabled. However, this reservoir of information continues to have notable omissions and inconsistencies, raising questions about whether information on facilities is complete. It also shows a lack of transparency on the part of USDA.

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Help End Extreme Dog Research at VA Hospitals

The PUPPERS Act (Preventing Unkind and Painful Procedures and Experiments on Respected Species Act), H.R. 3197, will prevent more dogs from suffering and dying as a result of experiments in VA labs. Please take action, and ask your Representative to support the PUPPERS Act!

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Help End Cosmetics Testing on Animals

Do you believe that animals should not be used to test cosmetics and personal care products? You are not alone! More than two thirds of American voters believe that cosmetics should not be tested on animals. Now it’s time for Congress to act and end the use of animals in testing by supporting the Humane Cosmetics Act!

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Military Should Use BEST Practices, Not Animals

The Department of Defense (DOD) “uses more than 8,500 live animals each year” in its combat trauma training exercises, according to a bill developed to end this practice. These animals, typically anesthetized pigs and goats, suffer severe injuries as they are shot, stabbed, burned, and have their limbs amputated and are eventually killed.

However, the Battlefield Excellence Through Superior Training (BEST) Practices Act (H.R. 1243 / S. 498) would end the military’s use of animals in these brutal and unnecessary training exercises.

Ask Congress to pass the BEST Practices Act!

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Ban Random Source Animal Dealers

Random source Class B dealers have earned their notorious reputation. They acquire dogs and cats from pounds, auctions, or individuals like private breeders and hunters and then sell them to laboratories so they can be used in experiments. Many of these animals are former pets. And although these dealers have a sordid history of illegally acquiring animals and providing inadequate care for dogs and cats housed at their facilities, they have made enormous profits from this unscrupulous business. It’s time to finally end the dirty business of random source animal dealers!

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AWA Protection for All Animals

The Animal Welfare Act (AWA) was established to set minimal standards of care and treatment for animals used in laboratories, but it specifically excludes animals used in agriculture research, such as cows, pigs, and sheep. However, all animals have the capacity to suffer in research, and all should be protected under the AWA.

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Move Chimps Out of Labs

After years of life in labs, chimpanzees need and deserve the freedom that only a sanctuary can provide. Animal advocates are doing our part, now NIH needs to do what it can to expedite arrangements to move all government funded chimps from labs to Chimp Haven.

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Stop Exports of Monkeys Destined for Labs

Last year, Mauritius exported over 4,000 macaques to the U.S., over 50 percent more than in 2013. By far, the majority of monkeys were shipped to laboratories like Primate Products, which imported 1,000 macaques alone. Additionally, two shipments of macaques coming from Mauritius last year were named in violations involving charges of inhumane shipment under the Lacey Act and violations of endangered species law.

Please help stop the exportation of primates from Mauritius!

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House of Horrors: UW-Madison Resurrects Infant Isolation Studies

During the 1950s and 1960s, University of Wisconsin researcher Harry Harlow conducted his maternal deprivation experiments, in which newborn monkeys were taken from their mothers and forced to live in total isolation, causing severe psychosis. Earlier this year, an experiment that recalls those dark days was approved by the University’s Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) as a way to study anxiety in humans.

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Thank Your Legislators for Passing Legislation that Helps Animals

On June 22, 2016, the Frank R. Lautenberg Chemical Safety for the 21st Century Act was signed into law by President Obama. This law will put U.S. safety testing requirements in line with recommendations outlined in the landmark 2007 report, "Toxicity Testing in the 21st Century: A Vision and A Strategy." Chemical testing reform will modernize safety testing in the U.S. and promote the use of alternatives, while at the same time saving hundreds of thousands of animal lives. Act Now »

Tell MetLife: Support Chimps in Liberia, Stop Funding NYBC

On May 30, 2017, AAVS learned that the lifetime care for over 60 chimpanzees formerly used in research and abandoned in Liberia is now assured. HSUS and New York Blood Center (NYBC), which used these chimps in hepatitis research for decades, have agreed to split the costs associated with the lifetime care of these animals. AAVS first became involved in this issue in 2015 when we learned of the desperate plight of these chimpanzees and HSUS's work to intervene. AAVS was quick to add our support by making an emergency donation. Act Now »

Stand Up for Goats Who Can’t

In May 2016, USDA for reached a settlement agreement filed against Santa Cruz Biotechnology (SCBT), one of the world's largest suppliers of antibodies. The company became notorious in recent years for gross animal welfare violations, particularly regarding its lack of care and treatment of hundreds of goats. As part of the settlement, SCBT agrees to cancel its research license, and USDA is revoking its dealer license and levying a historical fine of $3.5 million. Act Now »